Letter to the little voice inside my head

When we got the brief, I automatically thought of myself. I have always suffered with anxious thoughts and worry. I st...arted by thinking how it makes me feel and how the anxiousness manifests itself as a separate voice.

Thinking of this I remembered a day of worrying in work, a colleague noticed something was wrong and I opened up about how I was feeling. It turned out she often felt similar.

Knowing that someone else shared the same thoughts was overwhelmingly reassuring. Knowing that it wasn’t just me that became drowned in these feelings. Others feel like this too. Others have their own battles with their voices.

So I have written a letter directly to that voice, recording the feelings for others to read. In the hope that they will relate to part of it and not feel alone.

This is just my letter, but the campaign I would encourage others to share their comments below to create a community. The more the better to demonstrate how common these feelings are and prove how many of us feel this way. We are not alone.

That little voice can often be unbearable. But at least we will be in it together.

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