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MRM Meteorite


Bankside Studios
United Kingdom

We're an integrated direct and digital agency, using data-driven campaigns to get more people to buy from you more often. It's that simple. Our capabilities are geared to taking the customer on a journey from first encounter to advocacy and whilst technology has given more power to consumers, it also provides us the opportunity to create amazing experiences that are richer and more relevant than anyone thought possible. To create these we have to be at the top of our game “ penetrating with our insights, smart with our data, compelling with our creative, engaging with our digital, intelligent with our branding, empathetic with our customers and able to deploy at both local and global levels. At MRM Meteorite you'll find all these skills in one place. Client list includes: Costa, Homebase, Argos, Dell, The Guardian, Intel, MasterCard, Vauxhall, The Open University and Nationwide.